Mandani Bay Quay Construction Update October 2023

Mandani Bay Quay Construction 2023

Exciting progress continues at Mandani Bay Quay in October 2023. Tower 1, Tower 2, Tower 3, and Tower 4 the One Mandani Bay are shaping up magnificently, showcasing a remarkable display of architectural brilliance and engineering precision.

Quay Tower 1

mandani bay quay tower 1

As we move into October, Tower 1 stands tall, reaching new heights. The façade is taking shape, full swing, with meticulous attention to detail ensuring every space is designed for comfort and elegance.

Quay Tower 2

mandani bay quay tower 2

Tower 2, a testament to modern design, is making significant headway. Its distinctive silhouette against the skyline is becoming increasingly prominent. Construction crews are diligently working on various floors, bringing the tower closer to its completion. The panoramic views from Tower 2 promise to be nothing short of breathtaking.

Quay Tower 3

mandani bay quay tower 3

Tower 3, an architectural marvel in the making, is progressing impressively. The structure is now a defining feature of Mandani Bay’s skyline, signaling the area’s evolution into a vibrant hub of urban living. The ongoing work on Tower 3 reaffirms Mandani Bay’s commitment to excellence in every detail.

Quay Tower 4

one mandani bay construction update 2023

Tower 4, the One Mandani Bay the office tower, is steadily advancing. With each passing day, this tower is transforming into an icon of sophistication. The meticulous craftsmanship planned for Tower 4 are a testament to Mandani Bay’s dedication to providing company owners with spacious office spaces.

Construction Update for Mandani Bay Amenity Deck

Mandani Bay Quay's amenity deck

Mandani Bay Quay’s amenity deck is also catching up. The 50 meter lap swimming pool is already under on-going construction.

Stay tuned for more construction updates as Mandani Bay Quay continues its journey toward redefining modern living in Cebu. Witness the future unfold, where architectural brilliance meets the pinnacle of comfort and style.

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