Condo Near Cebu Doctors University

Condo Near Cebu Doctors University

Discover the Perfect Condo Near Cebu Doctors University for Your College Student

For parents living outside Cebu, finding a safe and comfortable place for their college-bound student is a top priority. When it comes to prestigious schools like Cebu Doctors University (CDU), convenience and security become paramount. That’s why we’re introducing you to an premium condo: Mandani Bay, located on F.E. Zuellig Avenue, Mandaue City, Cebu.

Condo Near Cebu Doctors University

Proximity to CDU Campus and Vital Amenities

Mandani Bay offers the ideal balance of proximity and convenience. It’s just a few minutes’ ride away from the CDU campus, ensuring that your student can focus on their studies without the hassle of long commutes. Mandani Bay is strategically located near shopping centers like SM City Cebu and Parkmall, making it effortless for your student to meet their daily needs.

Modern Amenities for Ultimate Comfort

condo near CDU mandani bay amenities

Mandani Bay is not just about location; it’s a complete package of modern amenities designed to enhance your students’s living experience. From 50 meter swimming pool to fitness centers, lifestyle spaces to green gardens, Mandani Bay ensures that your student can relax, exercise, or even study within the comforts of their condo. In Mandani Bay, your student can enjoy a 500 meter waterfront boardwalk and a 400 meter green promenade. There are lots of retail stores and a shopping mall inside Mandani Bay itself. At Mandani Bay Quay you can invest in studio unit, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom condo with garden.

A Smart Financial Move for the Long Term

Opting for a condo at Mandani Bay isn’t just about securing your child’s future; it’s a strategic investment in your financial stability as well. After your child graduates, you can take advantage of the robust demand for student housing by leasing the unit to fellow CDU students, ensuring a consistent and dependable rental income stream. Moreover, thanks to Mandani Bay’s prime location, you can anticipate substantial property value appreciation within just 5 to 10 years, potentially leading to substantial profits if you decide to sell.

The Upcoming 4th Bridge Advantage

4th bridge will be built near condo near cebu doctors

Mandani Bay’s strategic location gains further value with the upcoming construction of the 4th bridge, located just a few meters from Mandani Bay. This bridge will directly connect Mandaue City to the Mactan Cebu International Airport, alleviating traffic congestion in the area. This development will not only increase the potential tenant pool for your condo but also attract prospective buyers looking for the convenience of easy airport access.

If you’re seeking a condo near Cebu Doctors University that ensures your child’s comfort, safety, and future financial stability, Mandani Bay is the answer. Secure your child’s educational journey and your financial well-being by choosing Mandani Bay today. It’s not just a condo; it’s an investment in your child’s success and your own prosperity.

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