Commercial Office Space For Sale in Cebu Business Park – Latitude Corporate Center

Commercial Office Space For Sale in Cebu Business Park

Ready to expand your business in Cebu? Here have commercial office space for sale in Cebu Business Park for you. Introducing the Latitude Corporate Center: Your Ideal Commercial Space in Ayala Cebu Business Park Philippines.

Why Choose Latitude Corporate Center?

  1. Iconic & Prestigious Location: Soar above the rest in the tallest office building (24 storeys) nestled in the esteemed Cebu Business Park, a symbol of your business’s prominence.
  2. Built with a Green Heart: Experience a blend of modern aesthetics and environmental responsibility. Our space is not just sleek and contemporary; it’s eco-friendly too. Latitude Corporate Center will be the first BERDE Certified Building in Cebu Business Park, setting new standards in sustainable development.
  3. Future-Ready Spaces for All Sizes: Whether you’re a small startup, a medium-sized enterprise, or a large corporation, we offer tailor-made spaces to accommodate your business needs seamlessly.

The Cebu Business Park Advantage

Central Location & Preferred Business Address: Your business at the heart of it all, with 150 local and foreign companies as your neighbors.

Largest IT Economic Zone: Benefit from a thriving environment with the largest IT economic zone spanning 50 hectares.

Ayala Center Cebu Lifestyle and Leisure Centers: Enjoy proximity to 500 outlets and 80,000 foot traffic, ensuring your business is always buzzing with potential clients.

High-Quality Infrastructure: Experience top-notch facilities and infrastructure, perfect for a corporate setting.

Easy Accessibility: Multiple connecting roads in and out make commuting a breeze, ensuring your clients and employees can reach you effortlessly.

Shopping & High-End Destination: Be part of a vibrant corporate community intertwined with shopping destinations and high-end establishments, enhancing your business’s appeal.

Available Office Sale Units in Ayala Business Park

office size in cebu business park

Small commercial space for sale in cebu business park

Unit 12k
Floor: 12th Floor
Area: 68 sqm Office Condo
Price: PHP 12,375,600

How much is a 160 sqm office space in Philippines?

Unit 12F
Floor: 12th Floor
Area: 159 sqm Office Condo
Price: PHP 28,686,600

For Sale Large Office Space in Cebu Ideal for BPO

Unit 12A
Floor: 12th Floor
Area: 290 sqm Office Condo
Price: PHP 52,212,600

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Why buy commercial office space in cebu business park ?

ayala center cebu at cebu business park

Investing in commercial office space in Cebu Business Park offers a multitude of advantages for businesses and investors. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider buying commercial office space in this prime location:

  1. Strategic Central Location Cebu Business Park is strategically located at the heart of Cebu City, making it a hub for business activities. Its central position ensures easy accessibility from different parts of the city, attracting a wide range of clients and customers.
  2. Prestigious Business Address Owning office space in Cebu Business Park provides your business with a prestigious address, enhancing your brand reputation. A prime business address can significantly influence clients, partners, and investors, showcasing your company’s credibility and success.
  3. Established Business Community Cebu Business Park is home to a diverse and established community of local and international businesses. Networking opportunities abound, allowing your company to connect with potential collaborators, clients, and partners within the same business ecosystem.
  4. Access to a Skilled Workforce The area’s reputation as a business hub attracts a skilled and educated workforce. Access to a pool of talented professionals can be a significant advantage for businesses looking to recruit top-tier employees.
  5. Proximity to Amenities Cebu Business Park offers proximity to a wide range of amenities, including shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, and recreational facilities. This ensures convenience for employees and clients, making it an attractive destination for meetings and business-related activities.
  6. High Foot Traffic With its vibrant atmosphere and numerous attractions, Cebu Business Park experiences high foot traffic. This foot traffic can translate into increased visibility and potential customers for retail businesses and service providers.
  7. Infrastructure and Connectivity The area boasts high-quality infrastructure, including modern office buildings, reliable utilities, and efficient transportation systems. A well-connected location ensures smooth business operations and accessibility for both employees and clients.
  8. Potential for Appreciation Cebu Business Park’s reputation as a prime commercial area often leads to property appreciation over time. Investing in office space here can provide a reliable return on investment as property values tend to increase with the area’s growth and development.
  9. Security and Safety Cebu Business Park typically invests in security measures, ensuring a safe environment for businesses, employees, and visitors. A secure location contributes to a positive work environment and enhances the overall business experience.

Buying Commercial Office Space For Sale in Cebu Business Park offers a blend of prestige, convenience, networking opportunities, and growth potential, making it an attractive choice for businesses aiming for success and long-term sustainability.