A Dreamer’s Inspiration: A Bright Future in Cebu Real Estate Development

Philippines Real Estate Personality of the Year

In 2011, I visited Cebu Landmasters’ office in Banawa, Cebu City, inquiring about their San Jose Maria Village project. Inside the office, I noticed seashells and furniture-like products, which made me perceive Cebu Landmasters as a small-scale developer. Around the same time, I had a prospective buyer searching for a condo in Cebu City. We met at Marco Polo Hotel, where I showed him a unit in Ultima Residences. However, he was looking for something different, so I took him to Asia Premier Residences in IT Park. During our visit, I received a call from Mr. Soberano’s wife, inviting us to meet. She was incredibly kind and composed. We, along with my prospect buyer, had dinner at The Tinder Box. Little did I know that years later from this encounter, I would be witnessing the remarkable growth of the Soberano couple. Now, in 2023, Mr. Jose R. Soberano III is acknowledged in Asia. It’s a testament that dreams, no matter how humble they start, can flourish into something extraordinary with determination and smart work.

As a real estate broker, I’ve always admired pioneers in the industry, individuals whose vision and determination reshape skylines and communities. Mr. Jose R. Soberano III, the Chairman and CEO of Cebu Landmasters, Inc. (CLI), stands as a beacon of inspiration for someone like me, a dreamer with aspirations of becoming a real estate developer someday.

Mr. Soberano’s recent crowning as the Philippines Real Estate Personality of the Year at the 11th PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards is more than just an accolade; it’s a testament to his dedication, innovation, and unwavering commitment to creating transformative spaces. His journey, marked by two decades of excellence and mastery, began in 2003 when he founded CLI, a company that has become synonymous with exceptional real estate development.

38 PARK AVENUE and Mandtra Residences Condos are some of the real estate development project in Cebu of Sir Soberano.

38 Park Avenue


Mandtra Residences

Mandtra Residences

One cannot overlook his significant contributions during his tenure with the Ayala Group of Companies, where he played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of Cebu with iconic developments like the Cebu Business Park and Cebu IT Park. These accomplishments alone speak volumes about his expertise and foresight.

However, what truly sets Mr. Soberano apart is not just his professional achievements but also his deep-rooted commitment to social betterment. His roles as Chairman of the Board at the Centre for Industrial Technology and Enterprise (CITE) and President of the Sri Visayan Foundation, Inc., showcase his understanding of the profound societal responsibility that comes with real estate development. It’s heartening to see a leader who not only builds structures but also bridges the housing gap and contributes significantly to the overall development of our country.

In his interview, Mr. Soberano’s humility shines through as he dedicates his award to the collective efforts of CLI, their supporters, homeowners, partners, and the VisMin community. His acknowledgment of the collaborative spirit that drives success is a valuable lesson for anyone aspiring to make a mark in this industry.

Looking forward, Mr. Soberano’s vision for CLI resonates deeply with my own aspirations. His plans to serve communities, strengthen leadership in VisMin, expand into Luzon, and construct sustainable, quality developments are not just business strategies but a roadmap to creating a lasting impact.

As I congratulate Mr. Soberano on this well-deserved honor, I find renewed determination in my own journey. His story proves that with passion, dedication, and a genuine commitment to societal welfare, dreams of becoming a successful Cebu real estate developer can indeed become a reality. Here’s to the dreamers and doers, inspired by the likes of Mr. Soberano, shaping the future, one brick at a time.

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