Sand and Gravel Supplier in Cebu

Sand and Gravel Supplier in Cebu

Wanting to contact a sand and gravel supplier in Cebu? At Migz Enterprises, we are not just suppliers; we are partners in your construction journey. As a leading provider of top-quality construction materials, including sand, gravel, concrete, and more, we stand committed to delivering excellence with every grain and stone. With a wide range of products to meet your diverse needs, we bring your construction projects to life, one sturdy foundation at a time.

Explore Our Premium Construction Materials:

🏖️ Washed Sand (₱1,300/cum): Clean, refined, and perfect for superior concrete mixes and reliable foundations.

🏜️ Crushed Sand (₱1,450/cum): Crushed to perfection, ideal for precise construction applications, ensuring strength and stability.

🪨 Gravel 3/4 (₱1,350/cum): Versatile and robust, suitable for a myriad of construction purposes, providing resilience and durability.

🏗️ G1 (₱1,200/cum): Engineered for strength, excellent for road construction, ensuring enduring quality and safety.

🏝️ Fine Sand (₱1,500/cum): Exceptionally smooth, perfect for plastering and finishing, adding finesse to your structures.

⛏️ Anapog (₱450/cum): Unparalleled for landscaping, creating picturesque terrains and adding natural beauty to your projects.

🪵 Diorites (₱450/cum): Sturdy and dependable, ideal for building foundations, ensuring stability and reliability.

🧱 CHB#4 (₱13/piece – 500pcs minimum order): Your choice for sturdy walls, offering security and longevity to your constructions.

🧱 CHB#6 (₱16/piece – 350pcs minimum order): Perfect for structural integrity, ensuring the safety of your buildings and occupants.

🪨 Boulders (₱900/cum): Majestic and grand, ideal for landscaping and erosion control, enhancing the natural beauty of your spaces.

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At Migz Enterprises, we believe in delivering not just materials, but peace of mind. With our commitment to quality, timely delivery, and competitive pricing, your construction projects are in capable hands. Trust us to lay the foundation for your dreams – strong, reliable, and built to last. Let’s construct a future together! 🏗️✨

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