Cebu Condo For Rent Apple One Banawa Heights

Apple One Banawa Heights

Are you looking for a condo for rent in Cebu City? Apple One Banawa Heights presents a stunning one-bedroom unit, fully furnished, complete with a coveted parking space. Situated in Tower 1, Cluster 4, on the 8th floor, Unit 1, this 32 sqm haven is your ticket to refined living.

Monthly Rental Fee: 23,000 pesos monthly

Apple One Banawa Heights, a beacon of sophistication in Banawa Cebu City, is a premier residential development inspired by San Francisco Bay Area’s Pacific Heights. Offering unparalleled quality, this Victorian-designed community is not just a residence; it’s an investment in elegance and affordability. Located on Good Shepherd Road, Banawa, this 2.8-hectare haven is a private, gated subdivision, limited to 6 buildings, each forming a private enclave with exclusive entrances.

Experience the “mirror-effect” design of Mansionettes, where 3-storey walk-ups and private clusters offer a charming and exclusive lifestyle. The Villas, available in 2 and 3 Private Cluster configurations, redefine luxury living with 4-storey walk-ups and lush landscaped gardens. At the heart of it all, a centralized amenities hub beckons with a grand fountain, fully landscaped gardens, a multi-function gazebo, boutique shops, swimming pool, parks, playground, and a basketball court.

Don’t miss the chance to make Apple One Banawa Heights your home. Secure your refined living space now!

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